Name 姓名: Betty Ding 丁修華

Age 年齡: 20

Hobbies 興趣: Singing 唱歌、Acting 演戲、Jamming with friends 跟朋友夾歌

Special Talents 特別才能: Playing piano 彈鋼琴

Favorite Music 喜愛音樂: Soul 靈魂樂、R&B 節奏藍調、Jazz 爵士樂

Favorite Singers 喜愛歌手: Christina Aguilera 、Lauryn Hill、Aretha Franklin

Favorite TV Drama 喜愛電視劇: Once Upon A Time、Stranger Things

Favorite Movies 喜愛電影: Moulin Rouge 、Dream Girls、Burlesque

Most Memorable Moment 最難忘經歷: My mom bought me a teddy bear when I was 3 years old and it has been accompaning me for more than 17 years now

Most Embarrassing Moment 最尷尬事情: I took a selfie and thought I sent it to my mom, but I actually sent it to someone I didn’t know very well

Most Admired Person 最敬仰人物: Steve Jobs, I admire his work ethics and his effort of trying to achieve perfection
我敬仰 Steven Jobs 對工作的態度及力臻完美的毅力

Goals/Dreams in Life 志願/夢想: Be a well respected and successful soul singer, actress and director

If you were asked to imitate a person, who would that be?
Chinese singer Tia Ray 中國女歌手袁婭維